California Girl(s) of the Month

We’re chalking up a lot of firsts in July.  This is the first time our California Girl is actually from California (Sacramento to be exact). Our other first is that we will celebrate TWO California Girls. We’d like you to meet Mom and daughter, Kate Mathany and Getty Storm.  We met Kate and her family while participating in the first annual Getty Owl Run that was organized by the family’s charitable foundation named for their beautiful daughter Getty to help spread awareness and help find a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).  Kate, 37, is “Mommy to the best little lady in the world.”  Getty was diagnosed with SMA when she was 4 months old and has grown into a smiling, bright-eyed four-year-old.  

Kate Mathany and Getty Storm

Kate Mathany and Getty Storm

Tell us about the Getty Owl Foundation:  We raise awareness for, support and advocate for families affected by and raise research funds for the #1 genetic killer of young children, Spinal Muscular Atrophy. We fight SMA everyday and we are convinced that one day there will be a cure and our sweet and precious children will live long and enriched lives. (For more about SMA, please click here).

Favorite Activities or Hobbies? I run. I love running long distance (half marathons and I finished my first marathon with past December) Running helps me feel free. Running helps me feel rejuvenated. Running makes me a better mom.  

(Kate has taken her love of running and through the The Getty Owl foundation has created one of the most fun, family-friendly, well-organized 5k/10k races in the area.  If you’re a runner in the greater Sacramento/San Francisco Bay Area, put this one on your list!  Getty Owl 5k/10k)  getty owl run

Which word that describes the California lifestyle resonates the most with you and why? Resilience. Historically we were settled by resilient individuals who saw the capabilities of life here in California. A better way of life and endless possibilities for happiness. I feel as though in certain ways I capture that spirit every day. I always look for the good and the positive “what if’s”.

What is your favorite pair of California Footwear Co? Absolute favorite pair of CFCo sandals are the San Diego, Champagne. They go everywhere I go, everywhere! They are comfy and very hardy.

When/where do you wear your California Footwear Co sandals? I wear my sandals in the house all the time. I also wear them outside when I garden and I actually got to wear them once to the ocean. 🙂

Choose one word that describes your fashion style:   Preppy

Last thing that made you laugh?  My daughter’s laugh. Without fail.

When someone says the word “California” what comes to mind?  Opportunity to do whatever you want.

Getty Up and Away

Getty Up and Away

Your Life Mantra:  Love as hard as you can.

What is something you wish would come back into style?  Clogs? I mean I don’t think they are totally out of style, but I like them. 🙂

I spend a typical Saturday…..Laying with Getty, watching a Pixar movie. 🙂  

A California Girl can be a woman from anywhere in the world who loves comfortable shoes (especially California Footwear Co!) and considers herself healthy, casual, active, open-minded, cutting-edge, fashionable, pro-active, revolutionary, and/or friendly.

Being a California Girl isn’t about where you live, it’s about who you are and how you think. California is a state of mind.  Let us know if you want to be considered as our next California Girl! 

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