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Comfortable Sandals

California Footwear Co. is dedicated to providing our customers with the most sensible, functional and attractive sandals out there, but these qualities never come at the cost of your comfort. Our footbeds are carefully shaped to the contours of your feet, to ensure that every step you take in your California Footwear Co. is completely free from pain and discomfort. Whether you're strolling down an uneven sandy beach or an unforgiving concrete sidewalk, your feet will always feel luxurious.

Your Well-Being Is Our #1 Priority

Our dedication to creating comfortable sandals is more than a commitment to creating a pleasant experience; we've designed our entire line of products to eliminate the aches and pains that often come from wearing lower-quality footwear. Using specially designed footbeds, our comfortable sandals are designed to cradle and protect your feet from ground beneath you, and the health risks that commonly arise from other sandals.

Most sandals don't provide proper support. In addition to being uncomfortable, this lack of support can even affect the gait of the wearer as they contract their toes with each step. This motion can overstretch the tissue that connects the toes with the heel, which can lead to a number of health issues further down the road. Moreover, a recent study found that many sandal wearers turn their ankles inward to prevent the shoe from falling off. This can not only cause an unnatural and awkward-looking stride, but may result in hip and ankle issues later in life.

At California Footwear Co., our comfortable sandals are designed to cling to your feet, providing enhanced support that will improve your gait and ease your discomfort. The specially engineered footbeds are shaped specifically to cradle the human foot, which dramatically decreases the pressure placed on every part of your feet. Browse our inventory to find a pair of sandals that you love, and experience the comprehensive support of California Footwear Co.

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