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Comfortable Walking Sandals

You're an active person, and you need shoes that can keep up with your active lifestyle. At California Footwear Co., we strive to produce sandals that are not only fashionable and comfortable, but that are functional as well. Our comfortable walking sandals are designed to keep you active, while providing the highest level of luxury possible.

Recent reports say that walking barefoot is optimal for the health of the human foot, but we realize that this is unrealistic. Walking barefoot exposes your feet to a number of hazards, and makes you more susceptible to parasites that access the body through the feet. And let's face it; you'll look better strolling around town with a pair of comfortable walking sandals from California Footwear Co. than you will barefoot. We offer the next best thing; comfortable sandals that mimic the benefits of walking barefoot.

With an ergonomic design shaped to the contours of your foot, the supple footbeds of our walking sandals are unmatched in terms of comfort. Minimal restrictions allow your foot to function organically, with the added benefit of sturdy soles.

Enhanced Support with Comfortable Walking Sandals

At California Footwear Co., our walking sandals are designed to provide improved functionality and durability, while maintaining a high level of comfort. By creating secure footwear that supports your active lifestyle, we hope to provide you with active support that can't be matched by other walking sandals. Here are just a few features of our full collection of comfortable walking sandals.

  • Our comfortable walking sandals provide you with a full range of motion while securing your feet with highly durable straps.
  • Unlike many types of active footwear, our sandals allow your feet to breath, enabling you to maintain a high level of comfort even under strenuous circumstances.
  • Superior cushioning provides added protection and comfort to the soles of your feet, while rugged treads deliver enhanced traction on a variety of surfaces, from rough hiking trails to solid city streets.
  • High-quality materials provide superior durability without compromising comfort or style.

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