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We welcome you to California -- It’s not just a state, it’s a state of mind!

You may have noticed that each of our styles is named after a city, landmark, or beach that highlights a destination. These are some of our favorite places in California. At California Footwear Company we are an active bunch. We camp in all our wonderful state and national parks, run marathons, hike and mountain bike on trails and through quaint towns, ski at our world-class resorts, body surf on our beaches, and ride motorcycles on our scenic and twisty seaside roads. We love our abundant farmers’ markets, four-star restaurants, corner cafes, and wine tasting opportunities. We feel very lucky to live in such a diverse and beautiful place.

If you can’t come visit us here, we’d like to send you a little piece of California in our footwear. And our beachy, featherlight collection is the ticket to transport you.


These slipper-like sandals are perfect for the beach, spa, or just a way to "treat your feet" after a long day. They are super lightweight and each pair feature 334 massage bumps that helps re energize your feet with every step. They're designed with the same ergonomic shape of your cork product which means a lot of wiggle room for your toe a deep heal cup and a great arch support. The quality, colorful man-made upper are easy to care for and have an "of-the-chart" fun factor!


Newport in Multi Floral

Newport in Multi Floral
Newport Harbor is the largest recreational boat harbor on the West Coast. Competitive sailing, rowing and paddling events are scheduled nearly every weekend. It also offers world-class bodyboarding and surfing. Beachgoers have flocked to Newport Beach ever since the Pacific Electric Railway established their line in 1905.

Hermosa in Grey Floral  

Hermosa in Grey Floral (also available in Multi Floral)
Hermosa Beach is a playground for beach volleyball, surfing, paddle boarding and sun-bathing. Located in the South Bay of the greater Los Angeles region, it is bordered by two other famous beaches: Redondo and Manhattan.

Del Mar in Red Bamboo (also available in Multi Floral)  

Del Mar in Red Bamboo (also available in Multi Floral)
Located in sunny San Diego, Del Mar beach features state parks, coastal bluffs, and over two miles of sub-tropical sandy beach front. It is one of two areas in the world were the endangered Torrey Pine tree grows. Del Mar is referenced in the Beach Boys hit, “Surfin’ USA.”

Malibu in Multi Floral  

Malibu in Multi Floral
Perhaps the most famous of California beaches, Malibu is an affluent community boasting 27 miles of warm sandy coastline. It is the home of many Hollywood movie stars and big names in the entertainment industry.


May all your days be sunny!

The California Footwear Company Team