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Over 2 years ago I was diagnosed with a tibial tendon disorder (inner ankle) and had problems walking. I found a pair of the hermosa sandals in a local store and was thrilled. Since then I have accumulated 10-11 additional pairs in all three of the colors then available and wear them at least 95% of my waking hours....almost 24/7 throughout the year. Fortunately for you and unfortunately for me I have been a walking advertisement both a home in the midwest and our wintering home in SW Florida. So many have asked about the sandals, including how/where to purchase that I am now unable to purchase any more in the 'orange', probably the most fun color.
Not only are the sandals supportive, but the soft sole is like walking on a cloud. Thank you, thank you. Please make more in the orange design.
Tricia Ornes
I have been wearing your shoes for two summers now and would not wear anything else!
Connie Robinson
These are the MOST comfortable sandals I have worn in a very long time. Outstanding!!!!!!
Teacher Girl from NY
Almost 2 yrs ago I was diagnosed with Mortons Neuroma. I had some cortisone shots between my problem toes, which I learned was only a temporary solution, but none of us knew about California Footwear sandals which turned out to be a more permanent solution. They are so comfortable and supportive without any pressure to my 4th & 5th toes that I have been able to resume a pretty normal life.

Recently, I decided that I would be able to wear a special pair of shoes for a special occasion -- When it was over, I took off my shoes and panicked. I was unable to even place my foot on the floor, let alone walk on it -- the pain was excruciating. I was so worried that I had undone two years of healing in a foolish flight of vanity. Thank goodness someone brought my California Footwear Sandals to me and INSTANTLY I was able to stand and walk and felt as if I was walking on a cloud. Thank you so very much for your terrific shoes from a grateful customer.
Judy Wiser
My daughter bought me my first pair of beach flip flops from CF - loved them so much I ordered another pair online. Will tell all my friends about these! They're the most comfortable flip flops I've ever worn!
B Askin

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