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Made in the USA

We've been working on some big changes here at California Footwear Co. The biggest is that we're no longer manufacturing out of China. This is a HUGE deal. We've been diligently researching and developing relationships with factories who live up to our standards of quality.

It's not easy. We have very specific criteria of comfort and ergonomics that we require in all our styles. Not all factories understand or are capable of this. We used two companies in China to make different parts of a sandal because each was good at that one thing, but not the other.

Ultimately, we want to move as much production as possible right here to the U.S. of A. At least one of our collections will be assembled in a small factory in Southern California this season.

Imagine that. California Footwear Co sandals made in California!

We've also found some amazing shoemakers in the traditional shoemaking regions of Elche, Spain, and Leon, Mexico. Both of these factories have been making high-quality sandals for hundreds of years. When Queen Elizabeth I was looking for a pair of shoes in the 16th century, the history books report that she commissioned a shoemaker in Spain. The former Pope Benedict is known to have all his shoes custom made in Leon, Mexico whom many consider the "Shoe making capital of the world."

We're in good hands. And so are your feet. The knowledge, experience, and quality control that we demand for our products is second nature to these fine folks.

Our Made in the USA collection will be added to the website in the coming weeks.

We're very excited about these changes and hope you'll see and feel an even higher level of quality.