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About California Footwear Company

California Footwear Company is located in the heart of California – just north of San Francisco, where cities melt into vineyards. Fine dining, wine tasting, biking, hiking, skiing, surfing and a slew of other outdoor activities are all within reach.

California is a destination like no other and is known for its pristine beaches, breathtaking mountains, viticulture, agriculture, permaculture, and just about every other culture you can think of. We are also known for our focus on health and well being, cutting-edge fashion, outdoor activities, and a connection with the people around us. Our mission is to combine all of the best that California represents into high-quality footwear for people who care about their foot health.

Now your feet can always feel like they're living the good life. While California Footwear Company may be new to you, our footbed has been 17 years in the making. Prototype after prototype was developed, culminating in the footbed that we are very proud to sell today. And we are equally proud to offer our Featherlight collection, which features a super-light, compression-molded EVA footbed whose shape is based on our famous cork footbed.

Our ergonomic footbed is shaped like your foot not an arrow allowing room for your feet and toes to function as they should. Our deep heel cup helps focus the natural shock absorbing pad on your heel. The deep heel cup also helps provide a neutral plane (no elevated heel) to the sandal, which benefits your posture. Think barefoot, but with better arch support.